Having quality equipment is important at every player level. However, as a novice golfer you may not be ready, or willing to pay for a high quality golf set. Fortunately there are several good quality beginner sets that are fine to start with. However, as your golf skills improve you may want to start replacing your beginner set clubs with higher quality clubs. In addition to purchasing a full set of golf clubs, novice golfers should also pick up instructional materials that cover the rules and regulations of the game, as well as helpful tips and tricks for mastering basic golf skills.

As will most like include buying higher quality putters, irons, and woods, as well as buying golf training aids. The items that you purchase at this level need to be focused on skill development. You may also want to put together a quality wardrobe of golfing apparel. Quality golf clothes will help you feel more comfortable on the green and it will also improve your range of motion when you swing.

When you are an advanced level golfer your concerns will usually be focused on fine tuning your equipment and your skills. Because of this you may be interested in golf club components, new shaft materials, and advanced training tools. You should also consider upgrading your golf balls to high compression balls. Finally, because you are more likely to travel with your golf clubs, it is a good idea to upgrade your soft sided golf travel cases to hard sided travel golf bags.


You have a lot of great options when shopping for golf equipment. If you haven’t done much shopping for golf equipment in the past then you may want to start by reading through product reviews. When you find a piece of equipment that has a good review and that also interests you then you can go to a golf shop to find it and try it out. If you have a limited budget to shop with then you need to look for discount golf equipment. You usually can find the best deals at the end of the golf season or during the off-season. During these times of the year you can find quality items like Titleist and Nike brand equipment marked down 50 to 60 percent.